Our Journey Started from here>>>

Eagle arrows were launched in the USA and Europe in 2019. It was growing day by day. We achieved serving customers over 1m. We were popular for our products and after-sales support. We had a team of 23 peoples.

We believe that honesty is the best policy. Kept in mind we run our business. After the Covid-19 attack in April 2020. We were having problems running our business in the USA and Europe. After 7 months we realized that we should close our business in the USA and Europe. Then Finally We closed our office and business in November 2020.

How we are operating now?Eagle arrows now will be operating from Narayanganj Which Is Also known as ( Praccher Dandi ). We want to give more satisfied and great service as we gave before to our customers. For Ensure great Product, we have a dedicated team and for the fastest delivery, we are using Pathao Courier. Which is well known.